Colin in Brooklyn, NY

A bit more about Colin:

Colin Lime is Future Lover, Big White Cloud, Star Dog Magnus, Dristi and many more.  He writes, records and produces all his music in the mobile recording studio The Silver Machine. He is truly an auteur, overseeing each step in the process personally - from composition, performance and tracking to mixing and mastering. All of these things are done on the move, from wherever the Silver Machine happens to be parked! Colin works on music full time, and also owns and runs the Crystal Cave Records independent label, and is the electronics engineer behind GUUTAR, a guitar effects pedal company.

His sound can vary widely from one project to the next. He creates sonic vistas of slowly building melody and texture, psychedelic journeys through inner and outer space, and blazes musical trails that lead the listener through the darkness and out into the Universe.

Future Lover’s debut album, Summoning was released June 30th, 2016.  It's available on all major digital retailers, and as a beautifully packaged gatefold LP. Other works can be found on Spotify, Apple music and all other digital outlets.

Stay tuned for live shows coming up, and more Colin Lime news!